Gull Lake Inn Room and Golf Reservation Request

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Deposit/Cancellation Policies:

Deposits are required for reservations during golf season. The deposit rate is $100 per room, $200 per suite, and $400 for the group room. One deposit check per group is strongly preferred. Individual deposits and confirmations will incur a $15 charge per deposit/confirmation. If a credit card is used for deposits, an additional 4% charge is applied and is nonrefundable. We recommend paying your deposit(s) via check or cash to avoid additional charges. A credit card number is also required as a guarantee for any tee times requested. A nonrefundable $50 service charge will be deducted from the deposit on fully canceled reservations with the remaining deposit refunded provided 30 days of notice of cancellation is given. Less than a 30-day notice will result in a loss of deposit unless your room(s) is filled at least 7 days prior to arrival and tee times are cancellable. If you cancel upon arrival, you will be responsible for all room and golf charges.

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